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Current Projects - We Build Your Dreams

The fabric of community in Port Townsend comes from people, activities, the natural environment and “bricks and mortar” structures that help us live our lives safely, conveniently and artfully. 

The City of Port Townsend Capital Projects Department manages publicly funded construction (capital) projects. Our Mission: "We build your dreams to weather any storm - keep dreaming."

Capital Project Team members work on planning, engineering design, permitting, mapping, project management, grant and loan management and financing for City buildings, parks, transportation and utilities. 

View some of Port Townsend's capital project makeovers


Below is information on four of Port Townsend's strategic capital investments for 2014

Safe Drinking Water into the Future
The pilot testing phase of the Port Townsend Drinking Water Treatment Facility development has started.

The City will pilot test, design and construct a membrane filtration and chlorination water treatment facility.  Membrane filtration technology is designed to remove Cryptosporidium, a microscopic parasite that is resistant to chlorine disinfection from our drinking water.  Water will flow by gravity through the membrane filters, and then treated with a small amount of chlorine for disinfection before distribution to customers.  It will provide safe drinking water that meets or exceeds federal safe drinking water regulations for the Port Townsend community.  Our Water webpage has information about drinking water quality, water conservation and a history of our water system.

This new treatment facility will be constructed on city-owned property near 20th Street and will be shielded from the road by surrounding trees.  The small treatment facility will include a parking area, landscaping, storm drainage, an access road, sewer, and power service.  Site development will include a sewer line, extension of electric service, and fencing.  A portion of 20th Street will also be improved as part of the project. The City has contracted with HDR Engineering for project design and engineering.

Schedule:  2014 (Pilot Testing), 2015 (Design), 2016 (Construction)

Cost:   $17 Million 

Funding: Drinking Water Utility rates and fees that will repay low interest loans from the Washington State Drinking Water Revolving Fund and Public Works Trust fund.  Additional funding is being sought through grants and a legislative appropriation along with other sources.

Drinking Water Treatment Facility FAQs

City to Construct New Earthquake Safe Reservoir

The existing 5 million gallon, 35-year old, concrete reservoir is ready for retirement.

The City will design and construct a replacement reservoir next to the existing reservoir.  A 2007 inspection of the reservoir revealed deteriorating concrete along the roof beams.  In addition, the existing tank does not meet earthquake protection standards.  Once the new tank is constructed the old tank will be removed from the site.

This reservoir is a critical part of the City’s water system.  It provides required storage to ensure adequate pressure and water for firefighting throughout much of the City.  It also allows treated water adequate “contact time” with chlorine before being distributed into the City water distribution pipes and delivered to homes and businesses. The City has contracted with HDR Engineering for project design and engineering.  

Schedule:  2014/15 (Design), 2016 (Construction)

Cost:   $9 Million

Funding: Drinking Water Utility rates and fees that will repay low interest loans from the Washington State Drinking Water Revolving Fund and Public Works Trust Fund.  Additional funding is being sought through other sources.

Upper Sims Way Initiatives Continue with Howard Street Extension

Extending Howard Street to the North provides a long awaited improvement to our local transportation network.

This project will complete a long-planned connection between Sims Way (SR20) and Discovery Road along the “Howard Street Alignment”.  Permitting, environmental review and final design work will be completed in 2014, with construction planned for 2015.  The project will include sidewalk, streetlight and road construction from just North of the Sims Way roundabout to Discovery Road.

Schedule: 2014 (Design), 2015 (Construction)

Cost:  $6.4 Million

Funding: Funding for the project is provided through a Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) grant and Federal STP Funds through the US Department of Transportation. 



Mountain View Commons Rehabilitated and Renewed
In 2014 and 2015 we are launching a rehabilitation and renewal phase for Mountain View Commons.

First up is energy conservation - including new boilers and heating system upgrades, new lighting, and sealing of windows  and doors.  The project is being performed through an energy services contract with Honeywell Inc. under a Washington state energy program.  With this type of contract, Honeywell does the work up front, and guarantees that the energy savings will pay back the investment in a certain period of time. This project will also include audits and improvements in other City-owned buildings including: Cotton Building, Pope Marine Building, City Hall, and the Carnegie Library Building.

Schedule:  Energy audits completed (2013/2014), Construction and energy retrofits (2014/2015)

Cost: Costs for energy upgrades are determined based on results of an initial energy/utility audit.

Funding:  If the City pursues an energy services proposal, the Washington Department of Enterprise Services will reimburse costs and provide project management and monitoring services.

Sheridan Street Sidewalk & Crossing Improvements  (Sheridan between 14th  and 19th)  
This project will help children who are attending Grant Street School walk and bicycle to school more safely.

Sidewalks will be installed and crossings improved near Grant Street School.   In addition to encouraging more children walking and bicycling to school safely – this project also reduces congestion around schools, and improves air quality by reducing vehicle travel. 
View the overall project design

Schedule:  2014 (Design), 2015 (Construction)

Cost:  $641,330  

Funding: Funding for the project is provided through a Washington Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School grant, along with Federal STP Funds through the Washington State Department of Transportation and matching money from the City of Port Townsend’s Streets Fund and Stormwater Utility.







Kanu Drive Wastewater System Improvements
A new pipeline will reduce risks to homeowners during power outages, make maintenance more efficient, and eliminate an aging, inefficient wastewater pump station.

The project will construct approximately 190 feet of new 8” PVC gravity sewer main.  This new sewer main will replace an existing sewer lift station and a force main.
Additional work will include:

• the installation and tying-in of side-sewers to two existing homes
• installation of a new Type 1 utility access hole
• restoration of pavement around the utility access hole
• restoration of the grass through the vacant lot
• upgrades to the stormwater facility on Cleveland Street
• the relocation of water meters

Schedule:   2014 (Construction)
Cost:   $150,000
Funding:  City of Port Townsend Wastewater and Stormwater Utility rates will pay for this work.



Need More Information on Current Projects?  Contact Liz Hoenig with the City’s Capital Projects Department at 360-390-4039 or lkanieski@cityofpt.us.



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