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City Streets Department

Street Crew Equipment How does the City deal with snow?

What is the right- of- way distance on (any City street)?
The rights-of-way vary from street to street and may even vary in different portions of the same street. A common right-of-way width is 60 or 66 feet; however some are 70, 80 or 100 feet. Original plat maps, available for review on request at the City Permit Center, show the platted right-of-way dimensions. Please keep in mind that the center of an existing road is not always the center of a right-of-way.

Can I plant/cut down a tree in the Right-of-Way (ROW)?
The City's Engineering Design Standards (14MB .pdf file) address the plantings in the ROW. In general, vegetation can be planted, but it must meet very specific requirements. Cutting of vegetation in the ROW is not allowed without approval and may require a permit. The specifications are included in the ' Engineering Design Standards.

What do the different colored marks in the street mean?
Most often you are seeing marks to locate utilities buried underground in the street. Before anyone can dig they must call Utilities Underground Location Center at 1-800-424-5555. This service is free of charge, but you must call at least two business days before you dig. The colors stand for different utilities.
Call before you dig

Is there any place in the City to walk or ride a bike?
Yes there is an extensive trail system in the City and also one that connects to trails outside the City limits. There is a trail map for sale at various merchants around town and can viewed through this link.

How do I hang a banner across SR20 by the Chamber of Commerce?
Please contact the Administration Department.

When will the City fix the potholes in my street/grade my street?
Please call Kathy Howard or Catherine McNabb at 385-7212 and one of them will fill out a Citizen Complaint/Request form As a general rule, the City does not maintain substandard gravel streets or driveways in the right-of-way.

How do I get a stop sign/deer crossing/no outlet etc?
Please call Catherine McNabb at 385-7212 she will fill out a Citizen Complaint/Request form. However, signs do cost money and can cause aesthetic concerns. Only signs authorized by uniform codes will be placed, and only if warranted. The City tries to limit signage to the minimum that is required and necessary.

Is it okay if I put a rockery or fence right on my property line?
You may put a rockery or fence on or inside your property line. If you put anything on or very near your property line, be sure you know where the property line is. If a fence, rockery or planting does intrude in the ROW you may be asked to move it. A survey is the most certain method for determining your property lines.